Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement of the website of Gorzowska Biblioteka Cyfrowa

Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Z. Herberta w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim is committed to making its website(s) accessible, in accordance with the Act of April 4, 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public bodies. The accessibility statement applies to the website Gorzowska Biblioteka Cyfrowa.

  • Date of website publication:

  • Date of last major update:

Compliance status

This website is partially compliant with the Act of April 4, 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies due to the following non-compliances or exclusions:.

Non-accessible content

  • no warnings before opening a new window and tab in the browser,

  • the sitemap is missing - this is due to the specificity of the site,

  • unique page titles informing about their content are missing or the titles are poorly structured,

  • the link to the document to download lacks additional information about the format and size,

  • Frames on the page have no titles or have incorrect titles there are repetitive content/values that cause the screen reader to stutter,

  • menu links are not grouped in the code into a list,

  • there are empty links,

  • informative graphic elements do not have the attribute or its content is incorrect,

  • form fields do not have a unique or do not have a description (in aor , respectively),

  • there is no separate language declaration for foreign language content,

  • after disabling CSS styles,

  • information on the page is not legible,

  • there are texts that do not meet the minimum contrast requirements for the background of 4.5:1, there are validation errors or outdated,

  • unused HTML elements,

  • downloadable documents are not available digitally and have no alternative.

We make every effort to remove these discrepancies as soon as possible.

Content exempt from accessibility

The following elements on the website are excluded from the obligation to ensure accessibility:

  • media published before 23.09.2020,

  • text and text-graphic documents,

  • multimedia presentations and spreadsheets published before 23.09.2018,

  • maps,

  • some works of art, museum exhibits, collections of national and library archives,

  • intranet and extranet materials published before 23.09.2019 and not updated since then,

  • content from other entities that have not been made or acquired by WiMBP in Gorzów Wlkp., or to which WiMBP in Gorzów Wielkopolski is not entitled to modify,

  • content not used for current tasks.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

  • This statement was prepared on:

  • Date of review of the accessibility statement:

The accessibility Statement was created on the basis of a self-assessment carried out by the public sector body.

Feedback and contact information

Provide the contact information of the person responsible for accessibility and for processing requests

Aleksandra Kulicz
phone number: 957238905.

Everyone has the right:

  • submit a comments on the digital accessibility of the website or its element,

  • submit a request to ensure the digital accessibility of a website or its element,

  • request that non-accessible information be made accessible in alternative form.

The request must include:

  • contact details of the reporting person,

  • indication of the website or its element which the request relates,

  • indication of a convenient form of providing information, if the request concerns disclosure of inaccessible information in an alternative form.

Consideration of the notification should take place immediately, at the latest within 7 days. If it is not possible to provide accessibility or an alternative form within this period, it will take place no later than 2 months from the date of notification.

Complaints and appeals

If the public sector body refuses to comply with the request to provide accessibility or an alternative method of access to information, the person submitting the request may submit a complaint regarding the provision of digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or their elements. After exhausting the above-mentioned procedure, is possibility to submit an application to the Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

The main building of Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Zbigniewa Herberta w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Sikorskiego 107, 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski
Main Library and Historic Villa

There is one entrance to the main building from Kosynierów GdyƄskich. The main entrance to the building is free of architectural barriers. The corridor and hall enable communication and free movement of the disabled. The main library has two panoramic lifts that allow people in wheelchairs to move freely around all spaces. Toilets adapted for people with disabilities are located at:

  • on the ground floor where they function (Informatory, Main Lending Room, Integration and Activity Department, Children's Department),

  • 1st floor where they operate (Scientific Lending Room, Audiovisual Collections Department),

  • 2nd floor where they function (Reading Room of Magazines and Books, Department of Regional Collections, Information and Bibliography Department, Administration).

You can get to the historic villa where the Special Collections Department is located through the connector. A lift is installed in the connector, which allows a person in a wheelchair to get to the ground floor of the building, the first floor and the second floor are inaccessible to a person in a wheelchair. Modifications due to its historic nature and reconstruction of the building are very difficult and often impossible to perform.

Sign language video interpreter

Deaf people can use the video interpreter service. The stand with the Video Interpreter service is located on the ground floor of the main building at the Informatorium and can be used from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. The stand is marked with special graphics. The Video Interpreter service consists in connecting online with a sign language interpreter. The interpreter visible on the computer screen will act as an intermediary in the conversation between the person using sign language and the Library employee. A person who wants to use the Video Translator does not have to make an appointment in advance to use the service. All you need to do is inform the employee about the need to use this form of contact.

In front of the main building of the library there is a car park with a separate space for the disabled. In the building, apart from the elevator, there are no markings to help the blind and visually impaired people move around the facility, e.g. information boards in Braille, an audio information system and surfaces, tactile paths to facilitate movement inside and outside the building. A blind person can enter the building with an assistance dog.

At the main entrance to the library there is a drop box for 24/7 self-return of borrowed library materials (books, CD/DVD collections).

The library lacks dedicated software and peripheral devices enabling blind readers to independently use the collections and services. Specialized equipment for the disabled (in the Center for Integration and Activity, ground floor, room no. 2):

In the lending library, readers have access to:

  • a computer station for the visually impaired with access to the electronic catalog and the Internet,

  • Auto-Lektor - there are two devices for reading printed text in a synthetic voice,

  • PLEXTALK - recorders with the ability to create DAISY 2.02 audio books and music CDs,

  • 6 Readers - devices for listening to a digital spoken book.

The Center also has two Braille printers, 2 Braille monitors/lines, but at the moment we do not have the appropriate software to use these devices.

Mobile app

mProlib (Android)

mProlib (iOS)


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